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Friday, 23 October 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures News

Lots of SJA news!

First of all, don't forget that part 2 of The Mad Woman in the Attic is on today at 4:35pm on BBC1.

Here are some of my thoughts on Part 1:
- Much, much better than Prisoner of the Judoon but still not living up to Series Two
- I hate the new format! 25 minutes just seems too short!
- The future scenes are set in the same year as The Waters of Mars is set
- Nice reference to the Time War

Part 2 looks like it's going to be great especially since we're going to see The Doctor!
Yes, that's right! Infact, we'll be seeing three of them!
In the same way that Eve looked into Rani's future in part 1, she'll look into Sarah Jane's future in part 2 but will also look into her past! So we will see flashbacks of the Third and Fourth Doctor's (Footage will be from The Time Warrior, Planet of the Spiders, The Hand of Fear and The Five Doctor's) and as for the future, we will see the TARDIS materializing in Sarah Jane's attic with the phrase "He is returning, he is coming back". Then towards the end of the episode, there's another glimpse into the future where we'll see the Tenth Doctor and we don't mean the next time trailer! And if that's not enough for you, K9 is finally back too! But Mr Smith isn't very pleased about that.

Also, there is a two page spread in the Radio Times about next week's story, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, which sees The Trickster and The Doctor finally meet. 

The story has also made the front cover of Total TV Guide:

A lovely promotional picture for The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith has now been released and can be seen below:

And there are lots of brilliant photos from the episode over on Den of Geek including some lovely photos of the SJA gang onboard the TARDIS and of the Trickster at the wedding!
Make sure you check them out!

And that's it for now!
Next week looks very exciting though!



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