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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Contest Results!

Yes, it's the moment you've all been waiting for, it's the Halloween Contest results!

We received five brilliant entries and it was very hard to judge them.
I`d just like to thank everyone who entered. 

Now because Chandra entered I realised that people might think it`s unfair that I was judging as Chandra helps with the blog even though I was judging impartially. Therefore, I got two more judges so that this was completely fair. So big thanks to a64 and MarthaJonesFan for helping to judge the contest!
Each rank equalled one point so for example, if two of the judges ranked an entry as 1st and the other ranked it as 2nd, that would be 14 points out of 15 and the entry with the most points won.

Like I said, it was really hard to judge and I hope no one is disappointed about the results. It was very close but here are the results.
Click any of the images to enlarge them.

5th - Teh BURN
We really like it and think that it is a very creative entry but we also feel that it would have been better if it was darker

4th - Dalek101
We think it's a good picture and the lighting has been used well but it isn't too Halloween-y

3rd - DalekSupreme08
We think it has a great sense of mystery and the lighting is lovely. Simple but effective.

2nd - Dalek Thay
We think it is a very original entry, very spooky and very nicely lit. Clearly alot of effort has gone into it.

1st - Chandra
We think it's very funny and a brilliant idea. Lovely, clear photography and wonderful editing. 

So congratulations everyone who won a prize and commiserations those who didn't. All of the entries were brilliant.

Here's a reminder of the prizes:

- 1st Place (Chandra): Dalek Bag, Doctor Who Series One Volume One DVD, Doctor Who Series One Volume Four DVD, Mini TARDIS and some Power Rollers, Doctor Who Pencil Case, Moving TARDIS notepad, exclusive Davros top trumps card, Classic Doctor Who DVD's, the Stone Rose audio (Only part 2, sadly), Davros planner, Doctor Who Quiz Book, Doctor Who: Forever Autumn (The perfect read for halloween), Forbidden Planet leaflet, Doctor Who stickers and two fake Halloween scabs

- 2nd Place (Dalek Thay): Doctor Who DVD Files Volume One (DVD), Planet of the Dead pencil case and stationary, Doctor Who notepad and a Dalek sticker pack

- 3rd Place (DalekSupreme08): Rose DVD, Plastic Fob Watch, Cyber Leader Mask, Cyber Pencil Case

I will be sending them out next week and will be emailing all of you winners sometime tonight.

Thanks ever so much to everyone who entered. I am so glad that this was a success. 

Finally, Happy Halloween everyone!



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