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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What A Sarah Jane Adventures Magazine Might Look Like

The highly talented Willbrook has made a mock up cover of what a Sarah Jane Adventures magazine might look like.

I am sure you will agree that it is absolutely outstanding! I thought it was real for a moment!
If only we were so lucky as to see it on the shelves...

Thought you all might just like to see it.

All credit goes to Willbrook

Would you buy a Sarah Jane Adventures magazine?

Thanks for the permission, Willbrook


Doctor Who Magazine Special: Sarah Jane Smith: Cover

Following up from my last post about the upcoming Doctor Who Magazine Special: Sarah Jane Smith, the cover has now been released and can be seen below:

This Special Edition magazine will be in the shops on October 1st at the price of £5.99

Will you be buying this?

I am personally still undecided. I think it's bad enough that the normal magazine is four pounds but six pounds is even worse!
I was also left very disappointed with the 200 Greatest Moments Special Edition magazine so I don't know if I will be buying this.


Primeval REVIVED!

Very exciting news!

Earlier in the year, after 3 very successful series' of Primeval (With Series 3 ending on a cliffhanger which was planned to be resolved in Series 4) it was announced that ITV were axing the show due to budget problems.

Many fans were extremely upset but they need be no longer.

Today, it was announced that Primeval would return for a fourth AND fifth series!

ITV have sealed a deal with other channels and together, they will be bringing the hit TV show back!

All of the regular cast will return and the two series' will be filmed together but separated into two for TV with a cliffhanger in between the two.

Series Four of Primeval will air in 2011 and the new series' will be shown on both ITV and Watch in 2011!
Series Four will premier on ITV with Watch showing the series late and Series Five will premier on Watch (So some people won`t be able to see it at first) with ITV showing the series later.

You can read all about this here.
There is also an interview with Primeval`s co-creator, Tim Haines about the revival here.

How do you feel about this?

Obviously this is not Doctor Who news but so many Doctor Who fans including myself are fans of Primeval that I thought I would post about it


Monday, 28 September 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Trailer

Here is the Sarah Jane Adventures section of the new CBBC trailer:

I`m sure you`ll agree that it looks absolutely amazing!
Don`t forget, there are small clips of Prisoner of the Judoon all throughout the beginning of the trailer (Therefore unseen in this video) so I advice you watch the whole thing.


Children In Need With News Through Time And Space

Today I received a Children In Need fundraising pack in the post (Presumably because I sent off for one last year).

I wasn't planning on raising money this year but it's got me thinking about trying to fundraise right here on the blog rather than at school where I learnt no one brings the money in.

Looking at the pack, I have some ideas for what could work:

- There is a big poster scratch card thing in the pack. There are lots of different Pudsey pictures with a space to write a name on each one and a hidden (Scratch to reveal) picture in the middle identical to one of these Pudsey pictures. People pay to put their name on one of the pictures and at the end, you scratch the picture in the middle and whoever's Pudsey picture it matches, wins the prize... does that make sense? I am thinking of doing this online and I think it could work well. It would cost 1 pound to enter. What do you think? Do you think you would enter?

- That`s my main idea but I also have another one. Many people run laps and get people to sponsor them. When they do that, people can either sponsor them per lap or just sponsor them for the whole thing. I am thinking of doing this for posts. So, you can sponsor me a bit of money (E.g 50p) for every post I make or sponsor me a certain amount (E.g 2.50) for the whole day of posts. Do you think that could work?

Then I will also of course also welcome regular donations.

You would pay by paypal preferably but a postal order may be okay. So I was just wondering what you lot think of this? Do you think it could work? Would you be willing to participate?

I run this blog for free (I don`t even use Adsense) so this would be a good way of thanking me for this if you so wish. Rather than donating to me, donating to Children In Need.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas to raise money on the blog.


Sarah Jane Adventures News

Lots of very exciting Sarah Jane Adventures today!

Firstly, three photos from The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith have been released and can be seen below:

Click to enlarge!

Looks brilliant!

More information has been released about the episode and can be read below:

Overall story summary : “Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life; to become a father to Luke perhaps. But Clyde thinks Peter is hiding a secret or two of his own, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be…”

Part one summary: “The Doctor returns on the happiest day of Sarah Jane’s life – but a deadly trap is waiting for them all! As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane, on the day of her arch-enemy’s greatest triumph?”

Part two summary: “The Doctor joins the battle – but is it too late to save both Sarah Jane and the Earth itself? As the power of the Pantheon of Discord grows in strength, the old friends are separated across time zones, and must fight to save each other – but for one, there’s a terrible price to pay.”

Since it says "Sarah Jane's arch enemy", I think it's safe to say that The Trickster is behind this episode as rumours had suggested.

Secondly, Digital Spy have a very interesting interview with Elizabeth Sladen which is worth a read.

Finally and possibly most exciting is a new CBBC Autumn/Winter shows trailer.
There is a mini Prisoner of the Judoon trailer from 1:39 - 2:07 but there are a few SJA clips before 1:39 so I advice you watch the it from the beginning and up to 2:07.

As soon as I find the Sarah Jane Adventures section on YouTube, I will post it here.

In the meantime, you can see screen caps here.

The most exciting screen cap/part of the trailer is the first glimpse of the Veil (The alien the Judoon are after):

I must say, Prisoner of the Judoon (And the rest of Series Three) is looking very impressive!


The Green Death Third Doctor

A picture has been leaked of the (previously) heavily rumoured "Green Death" Third Doctor and can be seen below:

As you can see, Pertwee is pretty much the same as the "Death to the Daleks" Third Doctor except (as you can't really see) he is wearing shoes rather than boots.
Shame it's not completely different but a nice change all the same.

And I have to say, those maggots look pretty damn cool! :D

The only problem is, there are rumours that it will come out with the other Pertwee's at the end of October but I think this would be a bad decision because:

- People are/have saved up their Pertwee money already and then this will pop up. We need warning to save!
- It will only be people who want a full collection of figures that buy both this and the "Death to the Daleks" Third Doctor at once if they look almost identical. They should wait and more people may buy it.

Still, more classics are always welcome :D

Discuss the Third Doctor figure packs on: 


Sunday, 27 September 2009

News Through Time And Space Update

Hi everyone,

Right, first of all, a big thanks to timelord6 for making this fantastic trailer for News Through Time And Space:

I'm sure you'll agree that it's absolutely brilliant so thanks very much, timelord6!

Secondly, I've been thinking about how we will celebrate special occasions here at News Through Time And Space.
I have decided that firstly, we will decorate the banner (So the next special occasion we'll be celebrating is Halloween so the banner may have spiders, witches etc. on).
That's the only thing I can really think of though so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

I am considering a halloween contest of some kind though. Perhaps a costume contest or a halloween custom figure contest etc.

Like I said though, feel free to share any other ideas.

Then for Christmas, I'm considering doing an advent calendar.
The only thing is I don't think I could create the whole thing. Therefore, I was wondering if people would be willing to contribute to the advent calendar?
You don't have to have anything ready or anything - it's just so I can get an idea of if there would be enough stuff to do an advent calendar.
So if you think you may be able to help, please let me know. Thanks.

So Christmas will be rather special but like I said, for other occasions I can't think of anything other than decorating the banner so please feel free to share any suggestions for special occasions.

Thanks all (and thanks again timelord6)!


The Mind of Evil

At the recent "Regenerations" fan convention in Swansea, it was announced that the 1971 adventure "The Mind of Evil" starring Jon Pertwee has been restored to colour
for a forthcoming DVD release.

It has not yet been announced whether it is the full story that has been recolourised for this DVD release and neither has it been announced when it is scheduled for release. It is also currently unknown if the episodes were restored to colour using the same chroma dot technique that was used for Planet of the Daleks or whether they were restored from scratch with artificial colour.

It is also rumoured that Nicholas Courtney, better known to Who fans as The Brigadier, has participated in an audio commentary for the release.

Discuss "The Mind of Evil" on

Like that new feature just above?
From now on, whenever possible I'll be posting a link to a thread on the DWFO forum about the item in discussion.


John Simm Discusses The End of Time!

This morning John Simm appeared on the Jonathan Ross radio show to promote the play Speaking in Tongues, which he is currently starring in at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London but he was only too happy to speak about his return as the Master this Christmas:

“Ooh, he’s back all right!” Simm teased. “I can’t tell you [what happens] - the producers are sweating now listening to this! But it’s fantastic, it was such fun to do, and it’s brilliant to be asked to go back and play that character again, and Russell has written these amazing scripts, because obviously they’re David’s last hurrah as the Doctor.”

He added: “It’s a hell of a way to go though. It’s a great, great couple of episodes.”

He went on to reveal a few extra tidbits regarding the anticipated two-parter (”Ooh, it’s a two-parter all right!”), and as far as he’s aware, the first instalment will transmit on, as was already regarded, Christmas Day, and the second, The End of Time, will follow on January 1st 2010…

“It’s Christmas Day and, I think, New Year’s Day,” he said. “I’ve never been on Christmas Day before - I’m very excited! And it’s called The End of Time, so no pressure there then for the new Doctor!”

When asked by Ross if he had bumped into any other of the show’s stars during his time filming the story, Simm said: “[John Barrowman] was sniffing around on the set, but I didn’t get any scenes with him this time. I did last time. Last time I got to kill him about 13 times because he never dies does he?”

Interesting. Jack doesn't meet The Master this time.
It sounds quite Stolen Earth like. All of the companions doing their own thing but without all meeting up later on. Perhaps they'll all help in some way but The Doctor won't even know it.
Showing that even when The Doctor is all alone, he never really is.

Thanks Dalek Thay!


John Barrowman News!

In the latest podcast by The Stage there is an interview with John Barrowman and he reveals that he is currently discussing the possibility of a fourth series of Torchwood with the BBC!

Also, John has finally hinted to The Sun that Captain Jack is back for The End of Time this Christmas.
Barrowman was seen on set alongside David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins during the filming of the Christmas finale but he insisted that he was not in the episode and even tried to convince fans that he was running to his car after stopping at Tesco's - in his own Captain Jack outfit! We've always known that was nonsense (especially since I did a check on Google Maps and the closest Tesco to where filming was was a 20 minute walk away).

Looks like we're yet to see the last of Captain Jack Harkness!


Sarah Jane Adventures News

We've got lots of lovely Sarah Jane Adventures news beginning with...

Nigel Havers, who is playing the groom in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith has been interviewed by WhatsOnTV.
In the interview, Nigel reveals that he is playing an alien as rumours had suggested.

There are lots of rumours about what sort of alien he is. So far the strongest rumours are: Slitheen, Blathereen or The Trickster (His Graske took the shape of a human so we know he has the technology).

You can read the interview here.

Secondly, a press release for Prisoner of the Judoon has been released and can be read below:

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Prisoner Of The Judoon:
Part One Ep 1/12
Thursday 15 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah, Anjli Mohindra as Rani, Daniel Anthony as Clyde and Tommy Knight as Luke.

Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and the gang come face to face with the rhino-like Judoon
Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, one-time companion to The Doctor, is back for a third series of alien-busting adventures, from creator Russell T Davies, which also features a special appearance from The Doctor himself, David Tennant, who stars in two episodes.
Sarah Jane is accompanied by her adopted son, Luke, his streetwise pal, Clyde Langer, their schoolmate, Rani, who lives opposite and has aspirations to become a journalist like Sarah Jane, and their Xylok super computer in the attic, Mr Smith. Sarah Jane’s robot dog, K-9, also joins the gang on their adventures.
In the first of this two-part adventure, Sarah Jane and the gang face the most dangerous day of their lives, as the rhino-like Judoon return. When prisoner Androvax the Destroyer crash-lands on Earth, a Veil is set free and starts to turn Earth’s technology against itself. And his next intended victim is Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Prisoner Of The Judoon Part Two Ep 2/12
Friday 16 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

Luke, Clyde and Rani fight their most fearsome enemy yet – Sarah Jane Smith – in the second episode of this two-part, alien-busting adventure.
As the Judoon fleet approaches Earth, it’s a race against time to stop Androvax. But with Genetech’s technology on the rampage, and Rani’s parents taken prisoner, can anything stop the Army of the Infinitesimal?
Luke is played by Thomas Knight, Clyde by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjli Mohindra and Sarah Jane by Elisabeth Sladen.
The series also features an extraterrestrial girl who can make people play games against their will; a living painting; the inhabitants of a supposedly haunted house; and monsters who want to infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed. Finally, there is a chance for Sarah Jane to find personal happiness with someone who could be the perfect person to complete her family.
A brand-new website accompanies the third series, complete with a trailer maker, monster hunt, video diaries from the cast, web games and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

So that all sounds very exciting and we now know that Sarah Jane Adventures turns "bad".

Finally, SFX have an interview with Phil Ford which reveals all sorts of interesting information including:

Prisoner of the Judoon is a "fantastic romp" which pokes fun at the Judoon's jobsworth attitude and has a bizarre performance from Lis Sladen that needs to be seen to be believed (Her being possessed, presumably). Apparently it's all very silly, but loveably so, with some great, laugh-out-loud one-liners and some pretty decent effects.
We also learn that something flashes upon Mr Smith's screen at one point which may be worth pausing on to get a better look. It could be some sort of arc like when Bad Wolf kept popping up in DW.

He also reveals that the events of Prisoner of the Judoon will have a direct link into the events in upcoming animated Doctor Who story, Dreamland. He doesn't say what that link is so what do you think?
I personally have a feeling that it will have something to do with the Veil (The alien the Judoon are after).
Perhaps it escapes once more at the end of the episode and then features in Dreamland.

If there is a link, surely Dreamland will air very soon after Prisoner of the Judoon does so children don't forget what happened?
Perhaps it will begin on Saturday 17th October (The day after Prisoner of the Judoon ends)?

Very exciting news there!


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Finish for a Fiver!

Selected titles in the Big Finish range are now available for just £5!
Stories available in this great deal include: I, Davros, Bernice Summerfield, Doctor Who Unbound, Gallifrey and Dalek Empire.

Don't worry if you can't get them right away - they are now at this price permanently.
Visit the "Big Finish For A Fiver" page to order these great audio's.


The Darksmith Legacy

The tenth and final book in the Darksmith Legacy has now been released and information about it can be seen below:

The End of Time
Justin Richards

The Krashoks commissioned the Darksmith Collective to fashion a device that creates life.

The Krashoks, after waiting for centuries, have finally had their contract fulfilled.

They intend to detonate the Eternity Crystal unless the Doctor can stop them.

To make matters worse, Gisella is trapped on board the Krashoks’ ship.

Can the Doctor save Gisella and destroy the Eternity Crystal once and for all?

For those who, like me, haven't been buying the Darksmith Legacy and know nothing about it, details and all of the covers can be seen below:

This ten-book series follows the Doctor on his exciting journey to discover the origins of the so-called Eternity Crystal and the powerful artisans who created it - the Darksmiths. The books have interactive elements, readers having the options to go to the tie-in website to add points to a tally of points accumulated so as to access further additional content.

The Darksmith Legacy's overall storyline was devised by Justin Richards who also wrote four of the ten titles.
Each title in the series is priced £4.99 meaning it costs £49.90 to complete the epic story.

Click any of the images below to enlarge

The Books:
- Apart from the fiction, the books have TARDIS Data Banks containing more information and activity pages designed to tie in with the websites.
- Each book ends in a cliffhanger leading on to the opening paragraphs of the next installment of this ongoing storyline. With the exception, obviously, of the first book, the first chapter of each book begins with a reprise of the cliffhanger a la the TV series.
- Additionally, the books have cut-out or downloadable coupons entitling readers to an invitation to a party in London, provided they had completed the challenges.
The first 500 entries providing proof of purchase of any two titles in the series also could receive an exclusive slipcase for the ten-book series.

The final point there brings us on to another piece of news;

To celebrate the end of the Darksmith Legacy, Penguin Books are holding an exclusive Darksmith Collected Party for fans who have collected all 10 books and completed the quests online.

All players who complete the final quest will automatically be entered into a free prize draw to win tickets to this amazing event where they can meet the authors, come face to face with some very scary monsters and even get an exclusive sneak-preview of things to come…!

From Penguin group news:

“This has been the most fantastic project that everyone should be proud of. Not just Justin and his team of writers, but everyone who worked on the web side of things, the design, covers, everyone at Penguin. Thank you for making such a good product that we can all be proud of.” Gary Russell Script Editor, BBC Drama

“The Darksmith activity will culminate in October when 100 lucky fans will win the chance to attend a Collected party at a top secret location for a fantastic Doctor Who extravaganza.”

Have you been collecting the Darksmith Legacy?


Doctor Who Magazines

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, we take a look at all the mini adventures the Doctor has experienced over the years, from the Attack of the Graske to Time Crash.

The Doctor has travelled to many exciting places on his adventures. This week’s Top 10 is all about the best planets he’s visited, but which will be number one? The countdown includes Gallifrey, the Ood Sphere and Midnight.
Find out how well you know the Weeping Angels in this week’s quiz. But remember not to blink while doing it!

This week’s favourite scene takes us back to the first time Rose steps inside the TARDIS.

All this and…

o Free Doctor Who gift!

o 3 fantastic posters (Sycorax Warrior, Cassandra and The Doctor and Donna)

o Puzzles and competitions – Create a new gadget for the doctor. The winner’s invention will be used by the Doctor in a future comic strip.

o Subscription offer – subscribe today and save a fantastic 40%

Issue 134 of Doctor Who Adventures, the perfect magazine for younger Who fans, is priced £2.10, is in the shops now!

If you're interested in subscribing, visit the BBC Doctor Who Adventures page here.

Also, the cover and info on this fornight's edition of the Doctor Who DVD Files can be seen below:

Episode Guide: The Family of Blood & Blink
The Doctor: Davros & the Daleks
Enemies: Omega
Technology: Timey-Wimey Detector
Allies: Sally Sparrow
Behind the Scenes: Design Time!
Flashback: Thames Barrier
The Doctor Who DVD Files - Issue 19, is on sale now at all good newsagents priced £6.99. Included with the magazine is a DVD containing Doctor Who episodes The Family of Blood and Blink.

Hurry to the shops to buy both of these great magazines now!


Tesco 3 Packs - Recalled!

Terrible news!
The new Tesco 3 Packs have been temporarily RECALLED!

Here is a collection of posts made on different forums explaining all:

Has anybody had any problems buying the Tesco exclusive triple-packs? Other than actually finding them that is.

I found all of them in Warrington Tesco Extra last night after someone on another forum said they'd bought some there. When I took them to the tills they all came up as "Emergency - product withdrawn" and so they obviously couldn't sell them to me. I said there were several more on the shelves and a member of staff told me they would have to be removed.

I popped back today and the shelves had been restocked, not emptied. I took them to the tills again and the same thing happened!

I presume this is a mistake as other I've not heard of anyone else having this problem - perhaps they're not supposed to be on sale yet?

Anyway, I'm done with trailing round the Tescos - eBay may cost more but I'm not wasting any more money on petrol!

(yes - I am impatient and yes - they are only lumps of plastic)

Thanks pooky1969

Tried to purchase a 3 pack at Tesco home plus in Preston this evening but the till wouldn't allow it.

The supervisor called over said the code it displayed meant there was a problem with the product and they would be being cleared from the shelves?

anyone else had this or did I just get a dodgy store???

Thanks mcbain

I went back to the Tesco where I bought my sets and surprise.... they had disappeared from the shelves and replaced by some other product.

I asked the guy who was taking care of the toy aisle (a good coincidence) and he explained that the packs had been recalled. He also mentioned that those had been supposed to come out in August (something I had heard this summer from another contact in Tesco).
He said he wasn't sure why they had been recalled, but that it probably had to do with the price as they shouldn't have gone on the shelves with the 50% off stickers, which are part of the special xmas promo.

He said they will probably be back on the shelves, along with the rest of their Xmas promos.

Now that's what I've been told, he could have been telling me porkies...

Thanks parisclub

So it would seem that the sets are not meant to be out yet and some Tesco`s have made the mistake of putting them up for sale already.

Don`t worry though - although it is a shame that this has happened, it would seem that they will be back within a month and still for the price of 10 pounds!

I emailed Tesco about the set`s a few days ago and when I got home from school the other day, I found a note from my Mum saying:

Dave, had a phone call from Tesco's today before I went to work regarding the email you sent about Dr Who figures.

Although they are not in either (of my local) store yet. they will be getting them as the stores are big enough to carry the stock, but not until they start getting Christmas stuff which will be mid to end of October and they will still be at the promotional price of 10 pounds.

So we can expect them to be back anytime from mid to late October.

It is a shame though but atleast we`ll still be getting them and still at the great price offer.


Also regarding the new sets, before they were recalled someone managed to get the two sets we hadn`t yet seen and took a photo:

Thanks Glunark!


And I`d just like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few days. I have been unbelievably busy with homework and for some strange reason, Blogger wasn`t letting me post. All fixed now though! :D
I`ll be catching up with news over this weekend.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Alien Armies Card Collection

Panini, the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine, have recently announced that they will be releasing a new Doctor Who trading card game next month called 'Alien Armies'. The cards will go on sale on 1st October. There will be 260 cards to collect which you can buy in the booster packs which will contain six cards for the price of 50p per pack or in the starter pack which will be available at the price of £4.99.

The next issue of Doctor Who Magazine and further issues of Doctor Who Adventures will come with free packets of these cards. Other merchandise which will be available include: special collector's tins, various starter packs and much more.

Will you be collecting these cards?


Multi-Series DVD Boxsets!

Two new multi-series boxsets have been announced. One contains series 1 - 4 of Doctor Who (But sadly not the specials) and the other contains series 1 - 3 of Torchwood.

They are both due for release on 26th October. You can pre-order them both from; the Doctor Who set costs £69.99 and the Torchwood set costs £44.99.

I'm not really bothered about these sets.
I've never liked these multi-series boxsets. Okay, they're great to start collecting the DVD's but then when you get the next series on it's own, it looks out of place on a shelf. However, if there's no fourth series of Torchwood I may get the Torchwood set.

It would of been better if, for the Doctor Who set, they had waited until all of the specials had been broadcast and included them so that we have the whole 2005-2009 era in one set.

I wonder if we'll see a SJA set after Series Three has been broadcast.

What do you think of these sets?


Friday, 18 September 2009

Doctor Who Magazine Special: Sarah Jane Smith

It has been announced that the 23rd special edition Doctor Who Magazine will be all about the brilliant Sarah Jane Smith.

The magazine will be released on 1st October and will cost £5.99.

More details as and when it`s available.


Series Five TARDIS Console - It`s Up To Us

We`ve been left wondering for a long time now what the inside of the TARDIS will look like.
Well, it turns out it`s up to us to decide that - or atleast to decide what the console will look like.
The BBC Press office has announced that on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th October, Blue Peter will launch a Doctor Who competition which will see one lucky viewer design a TARDIS console that will feature in the new series.

You can see the article here.

How exciting!

However, there`s no proof that it`s the Doctor`s TARDIS yet. It could be a different TARDIS (Perhaps The Master is back with a TARDIS or something along those lines). It would be very cool if it is the Doctor`s TARDIS though!


The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith!

Sarah Jane is acting very suspiciously. When Luke, Clyde and Rani investigate, with the help of Mr Smith and K-9, they discover something unexpected - Sarah Jane has a boyfriend and she's going to marry him! Of course, in Sarah Jane's life, things are not always as they seem and some very special wedding guests ensure this is one day she will never forget!

The novelization of this story, which will be broadcast on TV on the 29th and 30th October, will be released on 5th November.

More details can be found here.


Doctor Who Website Updates!

The official Doctor Who website recently asked fans to send in their greatest Doctor Who moments and after being sent lots of fabulous suggestions, they have now added some of these magical moments to the website.

Check it out here!

Thanks a64!

The website also has an interview with Stuart Milligan who will be playing Colonel Stark, one of the main characters in Dreamland!


Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Mighty 200 Poll Results!


As I'm sure you all know, the results of the Mighty 200 Poll are in the new issue of DWM and the results can be seen below:

Main Results:

001. The Caves of Androzani.
002. Blink.
003. Genesis of the Daleks.
004. The Talons of Weng-Chiang.
005. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances.
006. Human Nature / The Family of Blood.
007. Pyramids of Mars.
008. City of Death.
009. The Robots of Death.
010. Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways.
011. The Girl in The Fireplace.
012. Turn Left.
013. The Stolen Earth / Journeys End.
014. Remembrance of the Daleks.
015. Dalek.
016. The Seeds of Doom.
017. Terror of the Zygons.
018. The Evil of the Daleks.
019. Earthshock.
020. The Deadly Assassin.
021. Power of the Daleks.
022. Army of Ghosts.
023. Web of Fear.
024. Silence in the Library.
025. Tomb of the Cybermen.
026. Horror of Fang Rock
027. Last of the Time Lords
028. The Ark in Space
029. The War Games
030. The Curse of Fenric.
031. The Invasion
032. Inferno.
033. School Reunion
034. The Daemons
035. The Impossible Planet
036. Spearhead From Space.
037. The Daleks.
038. The Five Doctors.
039. The Green Death
040. The Brain of Morbius
041. Fury from the Deep
042. The Dalek Masterplan
043. Midnight.
044. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
045. The Silurians
046. Revelation of the Daleks.
047. The Time Warrior
048. The Christmas Invasion
049. Fathers Day
050. The Sea Devils
051. Terror of the Autons.
052. Tooth and Claw.
053. Logopolis.
054. The Unquiet Dead.
055. The Tenth Planet.
056. The Fires of Pompeii.
057. The Aztecs.
058. The Three Doctors.
059. The Abominable Snowmen.
060. The Mind Robber.
061. An Unearthly Child.
062. Carnival Of Monsters.
063. Rose.
064. The Shakespeare Code.
065. Marco Polo.
066. Smith and Jones.
067. The Stones of Blood.
068. Rise of the Cybermen.
069. Kinda.
070. The Keeper of Traken.
071. Day of the Daleks.
072. Enlightenment.
o73. Image of the Fendahl.
074. Gridlock.
075. The Time Meddler.
076. Ghost Light.
077. The Visitation.
078. The Ice Warriors.
079. Planet of the Ood.
080. Survival.
081. Warriors Gate.
082. The Curse of Peladon.
083. The Unicorn and the Wasp.
084. Planet of Evil.
085. The Masque of Mandragora.
086. The Massacre.
087. State of Decay.
088. Castrovalva.
089. Planet of the Spiders.
090. The Ambassadors of Death.
091. The Sontaran Stratagem.
092. The Mind of Evil.
093. Resurrection of the Daleks.
094. The End of the World.
095. The Androids of Tara.
096. The Hand of Fear.
097. The Romans.
098. Partners in Crime.
099. Planet of the Dead.
100. The Crusade.
109. The Pirate Planet.
110. The Awakening.
111. The Seeds of Death.
112. The Moonbase.
113. Frontier in Space.
114. Voyage of the Damned.
115. The Runaway Bride.
116. The Face of Evil.
117. Black Orchid.
118. Planet of the Daleks.
119. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
120. Snakedance.
121. Destiny of the Daleks.
122. The Faceless Ones.
123. The Android Invasion.
124. Vengeance on Varos.
125. The Two Doctors.
126. The Myth Makers.
127. The Rescue.
128. Death to the Daleks.
129. The Claws of Axos.
130. Revenge of the Cybermen.
131. Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
132. Aliens of London.
133. Mission to the Unknown.
134. Planet of Fire.
135. Doctor Who The TV Movie.
136. 42.
137. The Macra Terror.
138. The Idiots Lantern.
139. The Enemy of the World.
140. The Doctors Daughter.
141. Boom Town.
142. The Trial of a Time Lord.
143. New Earth.
144. The Reign of Terror.
145. The Highlanders.
146. Battlefield.
147. The Sun Makers.
148. The Mark of the Rani.
149. The Leisure Hive.
150. The Lazarus Experiment.
151. The Celestial Toymaker.
152. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.
153. Love & Monsters.
154. The Ark.
155. The Invasion of Time.
156. The Wheel in Space.
157. The Chase.
158. Inside the Spaceship.
159. The Smugglers.
160. The Keys of Marinus.
161. Attack of the Cybermen.
162. The Savages.
163. Planet of Giants.
164. The Invisible Enemy.
165. The Long Game.
166. The Krotons.
167. Nightmare of Eden.
168. The Armageddon Factor.
169. Terminus.
170. The Happiness Patrol.
171. Colony in Space.
172. Galaxy 4.
173. Four to Doomsday.
174. The Power of Kroll.
175. The Gunfighters.
176. Silver Nemesis.
177. Arc of Infinity.
178. The Web Planet.
179. The Monster of Peladon.
180. Delta and the Bannermen.
181. The King's Demons.
182. The Mutants.
183. The Sensorites.
184. The Creature from the Pit.
185. Warriors of the Deep.
186. Dragonfire.
187. The Time Monster.
188. Meglos.
189. The Horns of Nimon.
190. The Space Museum.
191. The Dominators.
192. Fear Her.
193. Paradise Towers.
194. The Underwater Menace.
195. The Space Pirates.
196. Time-Flight.
197. Underworld.
198. Time and the Rani.
199. Timelash.
200. The Twin Dilemma.

Average Score By Doctor:

01. Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor)..74.4%
02. David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)............73.6%
03. Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor).................70.7%
04. Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor).................70.6%
05. Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor)....69.3%
06. Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)...............67.3%
07. William Hartnell (First Doctor)............65.6%
08. Paul McGann (Eight Doctor)...............64.4%
09. Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor).....62.7%
10. Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor).................59.5%

Average Score By Series:

01. Thirteenth (1975/76).....79.27%
02. Fourteenth (1976/77)....78.76%
03. Seventh (1970)..............78.16%
04. Thirtieth (2008).............75.73%
05. Twelfth (1974/75).........75.70%
06. Twenty-Ninth (2007).....74.67%
07. Twenty-Seventh (2005)..74.43%
08. Fifth (1967/68)..............73.92%
09. Tenth (1972/73)............73.19%
10. Twenty-Sixth (1989)......72.54%
11. Twenty-Eighth (2006)....71.82%
12. Eighth (1971).................70.32%
13. Eighteenth (1980/81).....68.25%
14. Fourth (1966/67)...........68.18%
15. First (1963/64)..............67.72%
16. Eleventh (1973/74)........67.10%
17. Nineteenth (1982)..........66.97%
18. Sixteenth (1978/79).......66.04%
19. Twenty-Fifth (1988).......65.97%
20. Ninth (1972)...................65.90%
21. Sixth (1968/69)..............65.68%
22. Twenty-First (1984).......65.40%
23. Second (1964/65)..........64.70%
24. Third (1965/66).............64.27%
25. Seventeenth (1979/80....63.56%
26. Twenty-Third (1986)......63.40%
27. Fifteenth (1977/78)........63.29%
28. Twentieth (1983)............62.76%
29. Twenty-Second (1985)...62.44%
30. Twenty-Fourth (1987)....49.44%

The Trial of a Time Lord:

01. Parts 13-14..65.54%
02. Parts 9-12....61.37%
03. Parts 5-8.....59.58%
04. Parts 1-4.... 57.84%

Other Worlds & Spin-Offs:

01. Time Crash..........................................82.52%
02. Children In Need (2005).......................69.69%
03. Daleks' Invasion Earth - 2150AD..........68.37%
04. The Curse of Fatal Death......................68.29%
05. Shada...................................................66.80%
06. Music of the Spheres............................65.23%
07. Dr Who and the Daleks.........................62.91%
08. The Infinite Quest.................................61.76%
09. Attack of the Graske.............................60.10%
10. Scream of the Shalka............................57.27%
11. K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend...51.55%
12. A Fix With Sontarans............................36.92%
13. Dimensions in Time.............................36.24%

Phew, that took a while!


Many of those results surprised me. I was amazed that Caves came out on top. I've never seen it personally but I've never heard anyone else say it's their favourite episode.

The issue also has some great news and articles as always so be sure to pick it up and remember, there are four covers to choose from!
I was going to get the Empty Child cover but accidently found out who won the poll last night and so, whilst that annoyed me at first, it meant I could get the winning cover.

And for those who are slightly worried about Moffat taking over for Series Five, Russell's highest episode in the poll is #10 and most of us have loved his episodes. Moffat's highest episode in the poll is #2....
The future looks bright


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dreamland Update!

It has recently been announced that surprisingly, Dreamland, the animated Doctor Who story starring David Tennant, will be coming to a living room near you in the latter half of October! Seems very soon to me but welcome nonetheless!

No exact transmission date has been revealed yet but we now have a rough idea!

We`ve been waiting so long for more Who and now we`ve got a ton coming up all at once:

October 15th - November 20th: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three
Late October: Dreamland
Halloween or November: The Waters of Mars
Children In Need: Preview of next Who special
Christmas: The End of Time

Then a little bit later:
January or April 2010: Series Five
Spring 2010: K9

Bring it on!


An early start for Series Five?

In an interview on the Dreamland blog, Russell T Davies claims that a new era for Doctor Who starts in January.

What does this mean?

Does it just mean the obvious answer that Russell`s era ends?

That is what I assumed despite some people believing that it means Series Five will air in January.

However, Richard Curtis who recently announced that he is writing an episode of Series Five of Doctor Who, has said his story will air around February in this interview.

So is Series Five going to be aired early whilst the exit of David Tennant is still fresh in our minds?
Does this mean that the series will be split into two halves and released at different times of the year as old rumours suggest?
Or did Richard just say "around then" when Lizo mentioned February because he has been told it will air in Spring?

I never thought I`d say this but I hope it`s not going to be aired early.
We`ve already seen what it`s like without much Who for most of the year and this will repeat that.

The interview also reveals that the story will be set in the past with someone famous (Following the Dickens, Queen Victoria, Shakespeare, Agatha Christie chain) and something very scary. It is also going to be very dramatic with humour and very touching...
Or atleast he hopes it will be.


K9 Poster!

Park Entertainment have recently released a new promotional poster. Although the poster shows very little that we didn’t already know,there appears to be a previously unseen “creature” in the background.

The series is expected to be released in Spring 2010.


National Television Awards

This years National Television Awards sees Doctor Who And Torchwood go head to head.They are both up for the Best Drama award along with 34 other programmes whilst David Tennant, John Barrowman and Eve Myles are all up for awards in the best Drama Performance category along with 45 other contenders.

To vote go to the National Television Awards website.

Make sure you vote for any Who related nominations!

I found it quite difficult to choose between Torchwood and Doctor Who for best drama. Children of Earth was even better than most Who episodes but I want Doctor Who to continue to win countless awards so went for that.


Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Three Transmission Dates

This months Doctor Who magazine has confirmed the long rumoured start date of October 15th for series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
The next episode will air the following day on BBC1.
It isn’t clear if the second episode will be shown on CBBC straight after the first as in previous years but it is highly unlikely.

The schedule should therefore be as follows…

Prisoner of the Judoon Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 15th
Prisoner of the Judoon Episode 2 – Friday Oct 16th
The Mad Woman in the Attic Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 22nd
The Mad Woman in the Attic Episode 2 – Friday Oct 23rd
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 29th
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Episode 2 – Friday Oct 30th
The Eternity Trap Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 5th
The Eternity Trap Episode 2 – Friday Nov 6th
Monalisa’s Revenge Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 12th
Monalisa’s Revenge Episode 2 – Friday Nov 13th
The Gift Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 19th
The Gift Episode 2 – Friday Nov 20th

So it`s four weeks from tomorrow until Series Three begins.
Not sure how I feel about the new format though - it means the series won`t last as along.

Although, I believe the reason they`re doing this is that as we know, David Tennant is in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and so, if they air The Waters of Mars on Halloween night (Which I predicted some time ago), we will have a big Tenth Doctor weekend:

Thursday 29th October - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 1
Friday 30th October - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 2
Saturday 31st October - The Waters of Mars

And in other SJA news, joining the cast in the final episode are Miriam Margoyles (Blackadder) and Simon Callow who will be providing their voices for the series finale as Blathereen.
Simon Callow isn't new to the Whoniverse. He played Dickens in The Unquiet Dead and was considered for the part of the Eight Doctor!

Two new photos of Prisoner of the Judoon have also been released. The first can be seen at the top of this post and the second can be seen below:


Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 413

The final three covers of issue 413 of Doctor Who Magazine have been released and all four covers can be seen below:

My personal favourite is The Empty Child cover so I`ll be hunting that one down.

Which cover will you be getting?

Issue 413 of Doctor Who Magazine which includes the results of The Mighty 200 Poll is on sale tomorrow from WHSmith, Asda and all good newsagents priced £3.99.


Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 132

Top Time Agent!
This week we celebrate the coolest Captain in the Whoniverse – Captain Jack!

He may be a rogue Time Agent but he’s also saved the Doctor’s bacon plenty of times. This week, we look back at his top ten best moments and consider whether he really is destined to become the ancient Face of Boe.

The new issue is packed full of robots of all shapes and sizes, from Sarah Jane’s metal mutt K-9 to the halo-hurling Host and the shape-shifting Kamelion. Read all about them in our special fact file. Sister Jatt gets zombified in this week’s photostory and there’s a brand-new comic adventure called Photo Finish.

Doctor Who Adventures comes with a free monster stationery set and three exclusive posters.


o Tenth Doctor quiz – test how well you know this Top Time Lord!

o Who knows – your burning Who conundrums answered

o Inside out – find out what lurks behind the Clockwork Robots masks

o Comps – Win loads of goodies!

o Subscription offer – subscribe today and save over 40%

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 132, priced £2.10, is in shops now.

Miss it and face a monster makeover from Trine-E and Zu-Zana!


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