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Friday, 9 October 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Countdown

To celebrate the upcoming third series of the Sarah Jane Adventures, we will be having a countdown here on News Through Time And Space.

Every day, there will be a different banner counting down to the premier of Prisoner of the Judoon.
The image used in the banner that day will also be posted as a jigsaw and will also be posted as an image so that if you don`t get online one day, you can see the banner the next day.

I was going to then make a huge post on Thursday with all of the pictures and videos we`ve seen of S3 of SJA but that would be a massive post. Therefore, I will instead post four of the images every day (starting today) and then post the videos aswell as four images on Thursday along with the videos to round things off.

I will then be posting my thoughts as soon as the episode is aired (and will continue to do this for every episode of the series) and you can feel free to send in your thoughts and opinions over the weekend after both parts have aired and I will then post all of your thoughts on the Monday.
(So it would go like this:
Thursday: I post my thoughts on part 1 after it is aired
Friday: I post my thoughts on part 2 after it is aired
Friday-Sunday: You can send in your thoughts on the whole story after it is aired
Monday: I post your thoughts on the story)

So, to start things off, here are the first two (Yesterday and today) banners and jigsaws:

And todays 4 images:

So come and celebrate Series Three of SJA here at News Through Time And Space

Sorry that the banners aren`t very good or well edited. I`m terrible at editing and only have powerpoint!



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