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Thursday, 22 October 2009

2009 Specials News

In the latest issue of SFX, Russell and David discuss what's still in store for us in the three remaining specials.

Here's some information from it:

In the Waters of Mars (Which we discover in SFX is set in 2059), The Doctor and Adelaide are like two equals and at times, two rivals. As everyone else has said, it is very scary but we learn that they had to change one aspect of the monster on set to avoid traumatising children. Although it's an under-siege story, initial drafts had them all getting in a shuttle and flying to a hydroponic plant.

As for The End of Time, there are little aliens that appear throughout the story. Could these be slaves to the Master? I think we can assume that these are the little green aliens that Russell referred to earlier in the year. This adventure is Earth-bound but it doesn't all happen on Earth. After saying that, David asks if he's said too much. Obviously, he must be referring to Gallifrey!

Finally, in the last three specials, The Doctor experiences emotions which we haven't seen him experience before, and doing things which Tennant hadn't even conceived that the character could do before.

It's all getting very exciting now!

The Waters of Mars will be broadcast next month and part one of The End of Time will be broadcast in December with part 2 following either later that month or early January.

SFX is out today at the RRP of £3.99



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