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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lets Hear It For Chandra!

Hi everyone,

I just got back from camping and would just like to publicly thank Chandra for his amazing work on the blog.
He's posted every little bit of news and has done a brilliant job! He's also caught up with news for me after I fell behind earlier in the week due to an upcoming competition (Launching tomorrow if all goes to plan)!
He has done a truly brilliant job!

The latest bit of news about the Sontaran gun is absolutely brilliant! I'm so happy that we are the first blog to report it! That's brilliant and if we do that sort of thing enough, it could bring more people to the blog! Obviously, there's no proof that it's Sontarans but it definitely is a Sontaran gun. Even if it's not Sontarans, who cares? When it comes to things like this speculation is all the fun! Perhaps it's just a Sontaran gun in a museum in the future which the Mona Lisa grabs or perhaps it's what we all want to see - the return of Kaagh! After all when it comes to SJA, we don't know much about upcoming episodes. We saw hardly any filming and there are many shocks in store that we don't know about - for all we know Maria could be in the Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith?!? So very exciting news there.

The campsite I go to is closing for the Winter now so I won't be going again this year so I just want to thank Chandra for the brilliant work he's done every time I've been away. I've been able to enjoy all of my holidays safe in the knowledge that my blog was being well looked after. I'm sure you'll agree that Chandra has done a great job over the past few months so...

Thank You Chandra!

Oh and like I said, I will hopefully be launching our Halloween Contest tomorrow if all goes to plan so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone (Especially Chandra!)


Chandra 18 October 2009 at 21:52  

Oh my. Thank you ever so much Dave. I still had 4 posts to do as well! :) I great surprise.


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