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Thursday, 3 September 2009

YOUR Greatest Doctor Who Moments

Over the past few weeks we've been treated to a feast of fantastic clips in Doctor Who's Greatest Moments and stars like David Tennant and Freema Agyeman have discussed why certain scenes hold a place in their hearts.

But what about you?

The BBC Doctor Who Webiste want to hear which moments brought a tear to your eye, a lump to your throat or made you punch the air with glee. It could be any scene from the show's history.

Does the Doctor meeting Rose for the first time still make you smile? Does the Second Doctor talking to Victoria about his parents make you sad - in a good way! Or possibly your moment is Sarah Jane finding the Tenth Doctor after so many years apart - or meeting the Third Doctor for the very first time? The Master watching Teletubbies in 2007 or enjoying The Clangers in 1972?

But most importantly they want to know why they're your greatest moments. Was it the scene where you realised David Tennant was going to be a brilliant Doctor? Or the scene that first got you hooked on Doctor Who? A joke that always makes you laugh, a farewell that forever makes you cry? A villain's gloat that continually sends a shiver down your spine! The more emotion the better!

Over the next few weeks they'll be putting several clips online from scenes that you identify as your greatest moments. They'll run them alongside your thoughts and memories, so get telling them what they are! Here.

EDIT: This has now closed.



a64,  3 September 2009 at 16:10  

Bit late - it's closed.


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