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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures News

We've got lots of lovely Sarah Jane Adventures news beginning with...

Nigel Havers, who is playing the groom in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith has been interviewed by WhatsOnTV.
In the interview, Nigel reveals that he is playing an alien as rumours had suggested.

There are lots of rumours about what sort of alien he is. So far the strongest rumours are: Slitheen, Blathereen or The Trickster (His Graske took the shape of a human so we know he has the technology).

You can read the interview here.

Secondly, a press release for Prisoner of the Judoon has been released and can be read below:

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Prisoner Of The Judoon:
Part One Ep 1/12
Thursday 15 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah, Anjli Mohindra as Rani, Daniel Anthony as Clyde and Tommy Knight as Luke.

Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and the gang come face to face with the rhino-like Judoon
Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, one-time companion to The Doctor, is back for a third series of alien-busting adventures, from creator Russell T Davies, which also features a special appearance from The Doctor himself, David Tennant, who stars in two episodes.
Sarah Jane is accompanied by her adopted son, Luke, his streetwise pal, Clyde Langer, their schoolmate, Rani, who lives opposite and has aspirations to become a journalist like Sarah Jane, and their Xylok super computer in the attic, Mr Smith. Sarah Jane’s robot dog, K-9, also joins the gang on their adventures.
In the first of this two-part adventure, Sarah Jane and the gang face the most dangerous day of their lives, as the rhino-like Judoon return. When prisoner Androvax the Destroyer crash-lands on Earth, a Veil is set free and starts to turn Earth’s technology against itself. And his next intended victim is Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Prisoner Of The Judoon Part Two Ep 2/12
Friday 16 October
4.35-5.00pm BBC ONE

Luke, Clyde and Rani fight their most fearsome enemy yet – Sarah Jane Smith – in the second episode of this two-part, alien-busting adventure.
As the Judoon fleet approaches Earth, it’s a race against time to stop Androvax. But with Genetech’s technology on the rampage, and Rani’s parents taken prisoner, can anything stop the Army of the Infinitesimal?
Luke is played by Thomas Knight, Clyde by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjli Mohindra and Sarah Jane by Elisabeth Sladen.
The series also features an extraterrestrial girl who can make people play games against their will; a living painting; the inhabitants of a supposedly haunted house; and monsters who want to infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed. Finally, there is a chance for Sarah Jane to find personal happiness with someone who could be the perfect person to complete her family.
A brand-new website accompanies the third series, complete with a trailer maker, monster hunt, video diaries from the cast, web games and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

So that all sounds very exciting and we now know that Sarah Jane Adventures turns "bad".

Finally, SFX have an interview with Phil Ford which reveals all sorts of interesting information including:

Prisoner of the Judoon is a "fantastic romp" which pokes fun at the Judoon's jobsworth attitude and has a bizarre performance from Lis Sladen that needs to be seen to be believed (Her being possessed, presumably). Apparently it's all very silly, but loveably so, with some great, laugh-out-loud one-liners and some pretty decent effects.
We also learn that something flashes upon Mr Smith's screen at one point which may be worth pausing on to get a better look. It could be some sort of arc like when Bad Wolf kept popping up in DW.

He also reveals that the events of Prisoner of the Judoon will have a direct link into the events in upcoming animated Doctor Who story, Dreamland. He doesn't say what that link is so what do you think?
I personally have a feeling that it will have something to do with the Veil (The alien the Judoon are after).
Perhaps it escapes once more at the end of the episode and then features in Dreamland.

If there is a link, surely Dreamland will air very soon after Prisoner of the Judoon does so children don't forget what happened?
Perhaps it will begin on Saturday 17th October (The day after Prisoner of the Judoon ends)?

Very exciting news there!



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