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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Three Transmission Dates

This months Doctor Who magazine has confirmed the long rumoured start date of October 15th for series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
The next episode will air the following day on BBC1.
It isn’t clear if the second episode will be shown on CBBC straight after the first as in previous years but it is highly unlikely.

The schedule should therefore be as follows…

Prisoner of the Judoon Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 15th
Prisoner of the Judoon Episode 2 – Friday Oct 16th
The Mad Woman in the Attic Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 22nd
The Mad Woman in the Attic Episode 2 – Friday Oct 23rd
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Episode 1 – Thursday Oct 29th
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Episode 2 – Friday Oct 30th
The Eternity Trap Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 5th
The Eternity Trap Episode 2 – Friday Nov 6th
Monalisa’s Revenge Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 12th
Monalisa’s Revenge Episode 2 – Friday Nov 13th
The Gift Episode 1 – Thursday Nov 19th
The Gift Episode 2 – Friday Nov 20th

So it`s four weeks from tomorrow until Series Three begins.
Not sure how I feel about the new format though - it means the series won`t last as along.

Although, I believe the reason they`re doing this is that as we know, David Tennant is in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and so, if they air The Waters of Mars on Halloween night (Which I predicted some time ago), we will have a big Tenth Doctor weekend:

Thursday 29th October - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 1
Friday 30th October - The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 2
Saturday 31st October - The Waters of Mars

And in other SJA news, joining the cast in the final episode are Miriam Margoyles (Blackadder) and Simon Callow who will be providing their voices for the series finale as Blathereen.
Simon Callow isn't new to the Whoniverse. He played Dickens in The Unquiet Dead and was considered for the part of the Eight Doctor!

Two new photos of Prisoner of the Judoon have also been released. The first can be seen at the top of this post and the second can be seen below:



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