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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Figures!

Hi everyone,
Sorry about there being no posts lately, I haven`t had an internet connection.

I`m back now though and will be catching up on news over the next few days.
So, to kick things off, here is some very exciting figure news:

Four exciting new Doctor Who figure sets have been spotted in Tesco stores.
These previously unannouned sets contain three figures and are in all new packaging.

The contents are as follows:
Series One Figure Set: The Ninth Doctor, Jabe and Sycorax Warrior
Series Two Figure Set: The Tenth Doctor with ghost triangulation gear, Hoix and Cyber Controller
Series Three Figure Set: Uncoated Captain Jack, Time Lord and Korwin
Cyberman Figure Set: "Tenth Planet" Cyberman, "Tomb of the Cybermen" Cybermen and "Invasion" Cyberman

So whilst the Series One and Two set's are just re-releases, the Series Three set (finally) includes the mysterious Korwin and uncoated Jack.
We also have a great set for army-building the brilliant classic Cybermen!

The sets have been seen as of Monday 14th September and so far have only been spotted in Tesco stores and therefore there are rumours that these sets are exclusive to Tesco. However, this is not confirmed and if they were, one would imagine that Tesco would be mentioning it or it would be on the packaging. Besides, back in January, Argos got the new figures in before anyone else so this may be a similar case.

The RRP of the sets is £19.99 but unbelievebly, they are on sale for just ten pounds!
That's a great deal!

However, this is slightly bad news for some. Many people have spent small fortune's on Korwin and uncoated Jack figures because of the worry of them never being released.

No need to worry if you're Tesco doesn't have the sets in, Tesco staff have told some people that some Tesco's may be yet to recieve their deliveries. As well as that, there is the chance that other shops will be selling them.

Apparently, excluding the Pertwee figures next month, these are the last figures of the year and for a year which was supposed to be quiet for figures, we've done very well.
We've had:
The Vespiform Wave
The Gelth Wave
The Cyber Wave
The First Doctor pack (In colour and black and white)
The Second Doctor pack (In colour and black and white)
Real Time Sixth Doctor
Regeneration Sixth Doctor
Fourth Doctor Adventure Set
Dalek Collectors Set #2
Two John Pertwee pack's

Not bad at all.

And who knows (If you'll excuse the pun) what's in store for next year...



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