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Monday, 28 September 2009

Children In Need With News Through Time And Space

Today I received a Children In Need fundraising pack in the post (Presumably because I sent off for one last year).

I wasn't planning on raising money this year but it's got me thinking about trying to fundraise right here on the blog rather than at school where I learnt no one brings the money in.

Looking at the pack, I have some ideas for what could work:

- There is a big poster scratch card thing in the pack. There are lots of different Pudsey pictures with a space to write a name on each one and a hidden (Scratch to reveal) picture in the middle identical to one of these Pudsey pictures. People pay to put their name on one of the pictures and at the end, you scratch the picture in the middle and whoever's Pudsey picture it matches, wins the prize... does that make sense? I am thinking of doing this online and I think it could work well. It would cost 1 pound to enter. What do you think? Do you think you would enter?

- That`s my main idea but I also have another one. Many people run laps and get people to sponsor them. When they do that, people can either sponsor them per lap or just sponsor them for the whole thing. I am thinking of doing this for posts. So, you can sponsor me a bit of money (E.g 50p) for every post I make or sponsor me a certain amount (E.g 2.50) for the whole day of posts. Do you think that could work?

Then I will also of course also welcome regular donations.

You would pay by paypal preferably but a postal order may be okay. So I was just wondering what you lot think of this? Do you think it could work? Would you be willing to participate?

I run this blog for free (I don`t even use Adsense) so this would be a good way of thanking me for this if you so wish. Rather than donating to me, donating to Children In Need.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas to raise money on the blog.



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