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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tesco 3 Packs - Recalled!

Terrible news!
The new Tesco 3 Packs have been temporarily RECALLED!

Here is a collection of posts made on different forums explaining all:

Has anybody had any problems buying the Tesco exclusive triple-packs? Other than actually finding them that is.

I found all of them in Warrington Tesco Extra last night after someone on another forum said they'd bought some there. When I took them to the tills they all came up as "Emergency - product withdrawn" and so they obviously couldn't sell them to me. I said there were several more on the shelves and a member of staff told me they would have to be removed.

I popped back today and the shelves had been restocked, not emptied. I took them to the tills again and the same thing happened!

I presume this is a mistake as other I've not heard of anyone else having this problem - perhaps they're not supposed to be on sale yet?

Anyway, I'm done with trailing round the Tescos - eBay may cost more but I'm not wasting any more money on petrol!

(yes - I am impatient and yes - they are only lumps of plastic)

Thanks pooky1969

Tried to purchase a 3 pack at Tesco home plus in Preston this evening but the till wouldn't allow it.

The supervisor called over said the code it displayed meant there was a problem with the product and they would be being cleared from the shelves?

anyone else had this or did I just get a dodgy store???

Thanks mcbain

I went back to the Tesco where I bought my sets and surprise.... they had disappeared from the shelves and replaced by some other product.

I asked the guy who was taking care of the toy aisle (a good coincidence) and he explained that the packs had been recalled. He also mentioned that those had been supposed to come out in August (something I had heard this summer from another contact in Tesco).
He said he wasn't sure why they had been recalled, but that it probably had to do with the price as they shouldn't have gone on the shelves with the 50% off stickers, which are part of the special xmas promo.

He said they will probably be back on the shelves, along with the rest of their Xmas promos.

Now that's what I've been told, he could have been telling me porkies...

Thanks parisclub

So it would seem that the sets are not meant to be out yet and some Tesco`s have made the mistake of putting them up for sale already.

Don`t worry though - although it is a shame that this has happened, it would seem that they will be back within a month and still for the price of 10 pounds!

I emailed Tesco about the set`s a few days ago and when I got home from school the other day, I found a note from my Mum saying:

Dave, had a phone call from Tesco's today before I went to work regarding the email you sent about Dr Who figures.

Although they are not in either (of my local) store yet. they will be getting them as the stores are big enough to carry the stock, but not until they start getting Christmas stuff which will be mid to end of October and they will still be at the promotional price of 10 pounds.

So we can expect them to be back anytime from mid to late October.

It is a shame though but atleast we`ll still be getting them and still at the great price offer.


Also regarding the new sets, before they were recalled someone managed to get the two sets we hadn`t yet seen and took a photo:

Thanks Glunark!


And I`d just like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few days. I have been unbelievably busy with homework and for some strange reason, Blogger wasn`t letting me post. All fixed now though! :D
I`ll be catching up with news over this weekend.



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