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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Welcome to Advent!

December is finally here!
And so, advent begins!

As you can see, the blog is a little decorated for Christmas with some lovely Christmas music and our advent calendar is here!

I have been very busy organizing the new advent page (I will be posting the stuff here but linking to it all from the advent calendar over there so that you can find it all in one easy place) so have not had much time to organize todays advent treat.

Firstly, everyday throughout advent we will be posting a brilliant Christmas song to get in the mood for Christmas.
To start things off, now that it's December, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Also, timelord6 has very kindly made a brilliant video for the advent calendar using the Tenth Doctor action figure!

Very good!

And finally, the first part of one of our advent stories can be read now! I have two big stories planned. One I have finished and is a 4-part story which will be posted from 20th-24th December and the other I started writing today and will be posting a part every other day starting today. Not sure how long it will be yet. I am also hoping to do the odd other story too so stay tuned! Anyway, here is Part 1 of Sontarans in the Snow:

The attic of 13 Bannerman Road was full of happiness on December 25th 2009. Luke, still in his pyjamas, and Sarah Jane were opening presents in front of Mr Smith who had a “Merry Christmas” banner on his screen. Luke unwrapped a rectangular shaped present and found inside the new Xbox game that Clyde had told him so much about. “But...” a confused Sarah Jane stuttered “I never got you that!?”. 
“Then, who did?” asked Luke. 
“Merry Christmas” said Mr Smith.
“Mr Smith? You got me this?”.
“Correct” Mr Smith replied.
“But how? You’re a computer!” Luke questioned.
“Exactly, Luke. I’m a computer, I have access to eBay” Mr Smith informed Luke.
“Thanks, Mr Smith!” replied Luke.
“So, Clyde and Rani and their families are still coming over for Christmas Lunch, yes?” Sarah Jane asked Luke.
“Yeah. Gita told me to thank you again. Oh and she said she’ll bring some brussels sprouts” Luke told his Mum.
“Clyde will be pleased” Sarah Jane laughed.
“Sarah Jane...” Mr Smith suddenly started talking again.
“Not aliens?” Sarah Jane asked fearing the worst.
“No. I just thought you might like to know that it is snowing!” he announced. Hearing this, Luke rushed over to the window and broke out in a huge grin as he saw a layer of snow covering Bannerman Road. 
An hour later, the attic was completely empty. Sarah Jane and Luke were out in the street with Rani and Clyde playing in the snow and in the attic, Mr Smith was shut down leaving the room in silence. Then all of a sudden, Mr Smith activated himself in a rush and an “Alert” sign was flashing on his monitor as he said “Alert, Alert – Substance is not snow! Substance is not snow! Sontaran Clone Feed! Sontaran Clone Feed! ". Mr Smith continued to repeat this over and over again but no one was there to hear as the gang continued to throw what they thought were snowballs, at eachother in the street...

Keep checking back to follow the story!

So that is it for today but this is far from the only advent calendar you can visit.
For starters, the official Doctor Who website have their Advent Calendar as always.
The Doctor Who Figures Online Forum will have another advent calendar this year but it will start tomorrow due to Seb, the owner, being very busy. 
And last but certainly not least, VortexGuyz934, the brilliant YouTube channel, has an advent calendar too which we are supporting! Visit everyday for a brilliant advent video!

So there is plenty of stuff to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Remember to come back tomorrow for the next festive treat!


P.S Sorry about the long post. I will be looking into putting the stories somewhere else and just linking to them to save space but I was in a rush today so this will have to do for now.



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