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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just an update...

Hi everyone,

I`d just like to apologise for not posting since Thursday or even changing the banner. I`ve just been so busy. I`m working really on our Children in Need celebrations and I`m hoping to launch it all on Tuesday so we have 10 days of fundraising but I`m not sure if it will be ready or not.

Here are my current ideas for CiN which I am working on:
- Scratchcard game I posted about a while ago. 
1 pound to enter. Prize is the new (Not even out until tomorrow!) SJA Series 2 boxset. What do you think about that idea? What do you all think of the prize? Would you enter?

- Sponsor Us. 
Like when people run laps for charity and get sponsors, you can sponsor us for every post we make on Children in Need day. Don`t worry, we won`t do posts for the sake of it.
You could sponsor us for every post we make or just a certain amount for the whole day.

- Donate.
Of course, we will also be open to normal donations.

- Thanks.
As a thank you, everyone who donates over 1 pound (Be it through a competition, sponsoring or just donating) will be send a Children in Need balloon. Also, whoever donates the most money will be sent a 6 inch Pudsey bear! Again, this could be money donated through the competition, through sponsoring or just donating. It can be anything. For example, if you spend £2 on our competition, sponsor us £2.50 for the whole day of posts and donate an extra £2.00, you`re donated total would be £6.50

So please let me know what you all think of those ideas and as soon as possible.
Feel free to suggest other things too.

I`d also appreciate it if you could just let me know if you think you`ll donate in one way or another or not. I`d just like to see how popular this will be before we do it.

This is all going to cost me over £25 to run but I am willing to do that so I really hope you can donate some money.

So let me know what you think.


Chandra 12 November 2009 at 19:40  

All great ideas Dave. I'd be willing to donate some money and I'm sure that many others would as well. And the fact that you are willing to spend £25 on it shows how good it shall be.


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