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Sunday, 27 September 2009

John Simm Discusses The End of Time!

This morning John Simm appeared on the Jonathan Ross radio show to promote the play Speaking in Tongues, which he is currently starring in at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London but he was only too happy to speak about his return as the Master this Christmas:

“Ooh, he’s back all right!” Simm teased. “I can’t tell you [what happens] - the producers are sweating now listening to this! But it’s fantastic, it was such fun to do, and it’s brilliant to be asked to go back and play that character again, and Russell has written these amazing scripts, because obviously they’re David’s last hurrah as the Doctor.”

He added: “It’s a hell of a way to go though. It’s a great, great couple of episodes.”

He went on to reveal a few extra tidbits regarding the anticipated two-parter (”Ooh, it’s a two-parter all right!”), and as far as he’s aware, the first instalment will transmit on, as was already regarded, Christmas Day, and the second, The End of Time, will follow on January 1st 2010…

“It’s Christmas Day and, I think, New Year’s Day,” he said. “I’ve never been on Christmas Day before - I’m very excited! And it’s called The End of Time, so no pressure there then for the new Doctor!”

When asked by Ross if he had bumped into any other of the show’s stars during his time filming the story, Simm said: “[John Barrowman] was sniffing around on the set, but I didn’t get any scenes with him this time. I did last time. Last time I got to kill him about 13 times because he never dies does he?”

Interesting. Jack doesn't meet The Master this time.
It sounds quite Stolen Earth like. All of the companions doing their own thing but without all meeting up later on. Perhaps they'll all help in some way but The Doctor won't even know it.
Showing that even when The Doctor is all alone, he never really is.

Thanks Dalek Thay!



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